Preparing for the Harvest

July 26, 2015

Seeds of Restoration

Farming-for eternity…

Even as a young boy I knew what I wanted to do with my life.  I wanted to farm.  I wanted to spend my days working along side my father preparing the soil and planting the seeds. It was if I was somehow called into a life of sowing and reaping.  After graduating from high school my father made it clear to me that I should continue to study, in order to show myself approved,  a true workman able to farm.  So, I attended Purdue University where I majored in Agricultural economics. Then in 1985 I returned home to begin my life as a farmer working in the fields.

Among the many things I learned those years ago from my father was the importance of counting the cost before you begin your life as a farmer.  Many people say that they would like to follow in the footsteps of a farmer.  But very few are willing to give all that they have in order to overcome the obstacles. The costs of being a real farmer can be high at times.  It’s not always an easy life.  There are many heartaches and trials…tribulations  that need to be faced head on.   One must purpose in his heart that after having put his hands to the plow… he will never turn back.  He must have faith that the harvest to come will be bountiful and that the costs incurred in preparation for it will pale in comparison.  Such is the life of a true farmer.

Something else my father has taught me is that the mere study of a book is not enough to make you a farmer.  Head knowledge is only valuable when applied.  By faithfully applying the core principles I had come to know as true… I would be transformed from a casual observer into a real farmer, having become fully engaged in the work of preparing for harvest.

As a farmer I have come to understand how short a season we have in which to plant seeds.  If you were to accompany me during planting season you might think me a bit overly zealous at times in my efforts to get good seed into good soil.  Perhaps so.  But time is so very short.  When the opportunity arises, when the soil conditions are right a farmer must plant seeds like there is no tomorrow.  After all, there is no promise of tomorrow in farming.  Here in Indiana at least, conditions can change in the twinkling of an eye.

Finally, as a farmer you must be constantly on guard and prepared to do battle with a wide array of opposing forces and influences, always seeking to rob you of the joy of harvest.  Weeds can creep in ever so silently and begin to choke off the life of the fruit.  You need to know about these enemies ahead of time and be prepared.  If you allow even a few weeds in, they will soon multiply and ruin the whole field.  Be on guard.

I am thankful for a loving father who sacrificed much that I might have the opportunity to walk beside him.  His patience and long-suffering toward me has been too often taken for granted and most definitely not deserved.  I have made many mistakes over the years. Much seed has been wasted.  Yet I have purposed in my heart to continue to follow in his footsteps…as best I can…thankful to be planting seeds, thankful to be called his son.  Always looking forward to a time of great harvest.

Tim C. Terry


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